NAINAMD Anti-Aging and Regenerative Center

NAINAMD Anti-Aging and Regenerative Center

450 N. Bedford Dr., Suite 208
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Naina Sachdev, M.D. – Beverly Hills CA Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Beverly Hills CA Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Naina Sachdev, M.D. is the Medical Director at NAINAMD™ Anti-Aging and Regenerative Center in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Sachdev is Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine with a fellowship in Functional, Aesthetic and Stem Cell Medicine by the A4M Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She is a renowned national and international speaker on various topics of her integrative specialty, particularly in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, aesthetics and detoxification. Dr. Sachdev is known for creating effective, total body wellness treatment plans that are customized for each patient’s needs. She utilizes Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for men and women which allows her to naturally bring the body back into a state of balance and treat the underlying issue that manifests as chronic health conditions and symptoms. Restoring hormonal balance allows a patient to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging while increasing health and vitality.

Additional Services Offered by Dr. Naina Sachdev

  • Aesthetic Services
  • Anti-Aging Facials
  • Brain Optimization
  • Cell Renewal Management
  • Integrative and Regenerative Medicine Services
  • Libido Management
  • Metabolic Weight Loss
  • Stress Management

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Naina Sachdev has changed my life! I have been her patient since 2004 and am very healthy because she has made sure that my hormones are in balance including my thyroid. She tests me every 3 months to be sure the thyroid is at the correct level. She is the one that I want on my team to get through all of the aging process including all the way from pre menopausal to menopause and beyond!…She cares so much for each individual and does research to ensure all of us get the very best care that is possible. I could write a book on all she has done for me and my daughters. She is truly amazing!!" – Rhonda

“Dr. Naina Sachdev is brilliant, passionate, and thoroughly knowledgeable. Best of all, she is completely on your side. When she takes you on as a client you can be sure you are getting cutting edge information and products, as well as her total commitment to your health and well being. I have recommended her to everyone I know. She is a genius and I adore her!" – Sara

“I felt sick for a long time, and doctor after doctor, I would be given treatment and medicine that just didn’t make me feel better. I was about to give up, but a family friend recommended me Dr. Naina. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant at first after going to doctor after doctor… but I decided to give another doctor a shot and wow, am I glad. After seeing Dr. Naina, within just a few weeks, I started feeling dramatically better, it felt like this weight was lifted off of me. She seemed to genuinely care about my health, and wanted to help solve the underlying symptoms of my problem. I highly recommend Dr. Naina." – George