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The Los Angeles Directory features Anti-Aging Doctors that specialize in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine in Los Angeles. Anti-Aging medicine has revolutionized the way that men and women age, and specialized therapies that work to prevent the effects of aging, such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, are at the forefront of anti-aging medicine. In the past, men and women often had to endure or accept the many signs of aging; however, now it has become understand that balancing the endocrine system is the key to reducing and preventing the many signs and symptoms of aging. When the body becomes incapable of producing an adequate amount of hormones, the thousands of functions that depend on hormonal balance begin to decline, which causes people to look and feel much older. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to replenish deficient hormones in order to protect the body from prematurely aging. A Los Angeles Anti-Aging Doctor can help men and women in Los Angeles County to slow down or potentially eliminate the many physiological and psychological signs and symptoms of aging.

Anti-Aging Medicine For Women

Essentially, both men and women have the same hormones, but the amounts of the sex hormones vary between men and women. In women, estrogen and progesterone are essential hormones, and they are produced in the ovaries. During ovarian hormone decline, which typically begins during a woman’s late thirties, progesterone and estrogen levels begin to reduce. The initial phase of ovarian hormone decline is known as perimenopause, which can last anywhere from three to ten years before menopause.  During this time, women experience the decline of sex hormones, which work to keep women appearing and feeling youthful.

As estrogen declines, women may notice more wrinkles, reduced facial fullness, and sagging breasts. Increased wrinkles may occur because estrogen works to produce collagen, which keeps the skin supple and elastic. It also contributes to plump breasts and lustrous hair and nails. Women may also notice that they feel more fatigued, which can occur when metabolic functions slow down. Sex hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone contribute to healthy metabolic functions, and when they decline, women may feel tired more often. However, despite these changes, the key symptom that occurs during perimenopause is irregular periods, and this is because the menstrual cycle depends on balanced hormones in order to be regular.

After one full year without a menstrual period, women enter into menopause, which occurs when the body can longer produce adequate amounts of estrogen and progesterone, and this can lead to numerous changes. Some of these changes may include hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, thinning bones, increased aches and pains, wrinkled skin, thinning nails and hair, low libido, and vaginal dryness. Many of these symptoms occur with aging; however, a Los Angeles Anti Aging Doctor can help women to reduce the signs of aging with specialized Anti-Aging Medicine protocols and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women in the Los Angeles area.

Anti-Aging Medicine For Men

Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors in Los Angeles also have Anti-Aging protocols that can benefit men. In the past, many men felt that they just had to endure the signs of aging, and that the many symptoms that occurred just had to be an accepted part of getting older. Anti Aging Medicine has changed these ideas, and it therapies, such as bioidentical hormone replacement can help men reduce the signs and symptoms that can occur with aging. In men, vital hormones such as testosterone can reduce in quantity, which can lead to the phase of a man’s life known as andropause. This age related phase usually occurs in a man’s mid to late 40’s or 50’s, and during this time, the symptoms of aging can become more noticeable and prevalent. In men going through andropause, they may notice a few more wrinkles around the eyes, more joint or muscle pain, fatigue, lack of motivation, and mood changes.

Aging men may also experience issues such as sexual dysfunction, thinning hair, and several aches and pains throughout the body. Because testosterone controls sexual function and libido, age related hormone loss can cause men to have lower libido and erectile dysfunction. Imbalances in testosterone can also lead to hair loss and male pattern baldness because it causes another form of testosterone to increase, which kills hair follicles. Testosterone also helps to build red blood cells, which fuel muscle growth, and for this reason, men may experience muscle atrophy and poor workout performances. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help men to overcome these symptoms of aging and improve their libido, sexual function, muscle tone, and hair thickness.  A Los Angeles Anti Aging doctor that specializes in anti-aging medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help men in the Greater Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley, South Bay, Orange County, and Westside areas to increase their overall vitality and levels of wellness.

The Directory’s vast variety of Los Angeles Anti-Aging Doctors can help men and women to reduce the signs of aging with specialized anti-aging protocols. Thousands of women and men have greatly benefited from advanced the advanced protocols offered by Los Angeles Anti Aging Doctors.

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